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 The finest horse riding school Portugal invites you to learn classical dressage riding skills on Lusitano stallions trained to a high level and rarely made available as school mounts.  Equestrian horse vacations include deluxe lodging and meals.  Our horse riding vacations in Portugal are only a reservation away.
14 years of providing excellence in horse holidays.  Our clients say we know how to make you feel comfortable and ready to learn.
 Our riding vacations are usually for for 7 Days/ 7 Nights.
Includes Deluxe Lodging, Meals, Horses and Personal Instruction.
Experience river breezes at our charming 18th century farm located just outside the city of Alverca, overlooking the river Tejo and surrounded by vineyards that produce the rare Arinto white wine. Revel in the joy of learning Classical Riding and Dressage on Pure Lusitano Horses, taught by an outstanding riderHorse riding vacations in Portugal from the Portuguese Riding School, Rui Almeida.  In addition they are joined by former vice champion in Working Equitation, Jose Miguel Silva. Also joining this outstanding team of professionals is Jenny Almeida, wife of Rui, who is certified by the FEP/FEI as a riding trainer. With their guidance you can experience lessons in Dressage, Side saddle, Long reins and Working equitation.  Simply put, there is no other school that offers the expertise and excellence of Morgado Lusitano.  Please inquire about making your reservation today, our openings are limited so bookings tend to fill quickly.

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MORGADO LUSITANO is Classical Horsemanship.  From the beginning Experience the beauty of the Lusitano horse at our horse riding vacations c A. Reinbergerovaof the day to the end, Morgado Lusitano reveals the beauty and majesty of the Lusitano horse with our horse riding vacations.  Here you can perform beautiful horsemanship, and participate under the watchful eye of a experienced instructors who work daily with the type of horsemanship skills that produces classical results.  Morgado Lusitano's equestrian vacations offer an undiluted Classical riding experience by providing you with stallions trained to levels that are rarely made available as school mounts.  The movements that you can participate in with these horse are the shoulder in, halfpass, pirouette, counter canter, flying lead changes, tempi changes, piaffe, passage, Spanish walk and other High School maneuvers!  You have discovered a place that understands your desire to pursue a higher level of horsemanship taught in a Classical manner.  To make your stay even more enjoyable, you will be a guest at our beautiful accommodations at our private estate high above the scenic river Tejo.  See an enjoyable video here.

"I really don't have the right words to express how much I enjoyed myself nor to say how much I learned.  It truly was a perfect holiday!  In short, my Morgado trip was every bit that was advertised, and more. I would surely recommend the adventure to anyone, serious or casual horseman, as well as anyone who is not riding, there are scores of things to do during the week."

WHAT IS CLASSICAL RIDING? It is the pursuit of riding following the teachings laid out by the classical Masters of Horsemanship. The methods are time honored and available to us through books encompassing more 2000  years of riding.  Classical horsemanship is the ultimate goal for many riders.  In the United States a similar style of riding  is often seen in dressage shows, and is demonstrated in 3rd and 4th level tests.  But true Classical riding goes far beyond just showing in competition.  The understanding and performance of Classical Dressage requires a great deal of focus and study, and it is important to ride a well trained horse so you can learn to harmonize Horse Vacation horse riding arena with it.  With proper instruction during our horse riding vacations, riders can bring out the best in their mounts, and the mounts can bring out the best in their riders!  At Morgado Lusitano we use the methods known as "The Art of Marialva" for our horse and rider training and we also demonstrate these arts for you and then teach you to perform them yourself as part our client services. 

" I just want to thank you again for such a wonderful experience at Morgado. You were so very kind and helpful....we felt completely at home and welcome. It was a real privilege to be your exclusive guests and to have an intensive riding and watching experience with someone so talented as Rodrigo. He and the staff were such a pleasure to be around."

THE TRAINED STALLIONS of Morgado Lusitano are the heart of the center.  Without the generous nature of these beautiful horses, it would be impossible for you to learn.  Fortunately the horses here are happy and willing.  This is due to the many years of careful training that they have received which allows them to be  relaxed and supple, even while a novice rider hesitatingly asks for complex lateral movements.  This facility has a large and varied selection of stallions, of all ages and abilities, which will be specifically matched to our clients goals.

"Superlatives aren't enough!  I cannot think of enough good things to say about Morgado Lusitano.  I loved everything about it and will be back with my friends in tow.  Thanks for everything,.  It was all you said and more".

MORGADO LUSITANO focuses on classical riding because it is interwoven in the culture ofCome to our horse riding vacations and experience the magic of riding our awesome Lusitano stallions Portugal.  We offer riders wishing to pursue classical dressage one of the greatest opportunities for learning during our horse riding vacations.  At Morgado Lusitano, classical dressage is not only the standard by which horses are trained, it is employed daily by the practioners of the Art.  The Portuguese men and women instructors who will be sharing their skills with you excellent riders themselves, and at this center they are accessible to instruct you, regardless of your skill level.  Morgado Lusitano has opened its facility to a select few riders each year to give you a chance to experience the magic of riding our awesome Lusitano Stallions.  Don't miss this chance to reserve the experience of a lifetime today while having the ultimate horse riding vacation!

"My experience at Morgado was to put it quite simply.... my best travel experience to date. I would go back there in a minute. The staff at Morgado were amazing. They made us feel right at home like part of the extended family. The riding experience was everything I had anticipated and then some. I was able to ride upper level movements never attempted before such as tempis, piaffe and passage. I was like a dream come true!!!"

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