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Morgado Lusitano is presented in a stunning facility in Alverca.  Guests who stay here agree that they have never seen anything like it in Portugal.  Charming guest cottages, awesome indoor and outdoor riding arenas, and the addition of additional highly trained horses make this an unbelievable riding vacation. 

   Indoor covered arena  For the 10 years Morgado Lusitano has been serving the needs of clients seeking classical riding instruction. During that time they constantly evaluate  all aspects to present the  finest facility of its type.  Every effort has been made to improve the riding experience. An exclusive location, better riding facilities, additional staff and more highly trained horses add up to a destination for classical instruction that can not be equaled.

The year was 1775.  A beautiful house overlooking the Rio Tejo was constructed and survived through the centuries to become what is now the Morgado Lusitano Riding Center.  This region is one of the most productive agricultural areas surrounding the Port City of Lisbon and the forest and hills surrounding the estate reflect this beauty.  This special house has with stood the test of time.  It is known as Quinta de Portella and it is this very house, the house of the Morgado Estate, where you will be our guest!  The land where Morgado Lusitano is located offers its guests a view of the river that has a 180 degree panoramic view.  Although the setting is private it is located a short 10 minute taxi ride from either the small town of Alverca, or from the rail link to Lisbon.   This convenient location makes access from a nearby highway easy.  In addition you could choose to take a short taxi ride to the airport or metro to visit Lisbon or access the trains that can whisk you to any of the surrounding regions.
     While the exterior of the house is as old, the interior has been fully modernized for the comfort of the guests.  Scattered around  the main house are individual guest cottages that are close to the activities, yet far enough to be peaceful.  Their renovations provide for relaxing lobbies, spacious rooms with queen size or double beds and private baths.  Outside the house is a manicured garden as well as a large swimming pool for cooling you in summer or working out the aches of riding.  Foot thick walls insure cool temperatures in the summer and a warm interior in the winter, while also insulating  the interior from outside noise, a welcome help to those needing to recover from a long jet flight.

The main house features a dining rooms and a cozy library, where guests can gather to discuss and share their riding adventures for the day.  The morning continental breakfast is provided in the inviting kitchen, and during the day the common areas are always available for relaxation.

A gracious staff is always available and they reside at the Quinta full time to assure that you will be provided for. 





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