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This price sheet is offered through only if traveling from the United States or Canada.  An airline ticket may be used confirm this.  Standard pricing will otherwise apply.  To receive this very special offer all bookings MUST be made through this ONLINE website.

As guests of Morgado Lusitano you will be exposed to time honored riding techniques that have been used by horsemen for centuries.  You will be presented with housing that is clean and comfortable.  You can expect food that is prepared fresh daily and served either family style or in our restaurant.  All of this is available to you for one set price as described below.  Airfare, alcoholic beverages, taxi fares, and outside sightseeing is not included.  Order a DVD to see more about the school.

Base Cost:
One riding guest

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1230.00 EURO*  Includes 7 nights lodging in a guest suite with a private room with bath.  Also 7 days of meals and eleven supervised riding lessons on Lusitano stallions. Lessons may be taught with up to 3 additional riders. Additionally, a private tour of the Portuguese Riding School or other activities will be included as permitted.  Private transportation to Morgado Lusitano from the Lisbon airport is included.  Return by taxi to airport 20 not included. 

590 EURO includes 3 nights lodging in a guest house with a private room with bath.  Also 3 days of meals, 6 individually taught lessons on Lusitano stallions.   

Second adult guest sharing room, 7 Days  970 EURO for riding companion sharing room with guest, includes all above.
440 EURO for Non Riding companion sharing room for 7 days, includes all above except riding lessons.  
If  riding is desired, lessons may be added as shown below.
Second adult guest sharing room, 3 Days  490 EURO for riding companion sharing room for 3 days, includes all above.
EURO for Non Riding companion sharing room for 3 days, includes all above except riding lessons.
If  individual lessons are desired, they may be added as shown below.
Add nights Lodging 88 EURO per night per room, includes continental breakfast only. 
A la carte days or lessons Add lessons, 55 EURO per hour. Add days, 200 EURO per additional day ONLY if the schedule can permit it. 
Availability 7 day  riding holidays are scheduled from Friday through Thursday weekly.
3 Day Riding holidays are scheduled Thursday through Saturday or Friday through Sunday.  Dates must be confirmed by contacting the representatives below. 
Unless specially arranged for the guests, lessons are limited to a maximum of four riders.
Occasionally additional lessons or days can be arranged outside of the schedule, please contact us for availability. 
Sample lesson schedule:
(approx. 60 min. lessons *)
Day 1 Arrive: One Associate, one Master Lesson.  Days 2/3: One Associate, one Master each day.  Day 4: R & R, no lessons.  Day 5:  One Associate, one Master.  Day 6: Visit EPAE or other activity in morning, One Master in afternoon.  Day 7: One Associate, one Master Lesson.  Day 8 Depart

In the USA or Canada
Write to us here: 


Call 541 826-8301 PST
There are no additional charges for this referring service.

* Lesson duration can vary according to rider fitness and abilities.  We make a real effort to assure a quality riding experience, and while there is no guarantee as to how long you will be in the saddle, suffice it to say that as long as you are having fun and the horse is not stressed, the lessons will continue for the allotted time. Most riders are fatigued after 45-60 minutes and it is unproductive to continue to ride after this point. In addition, if the horse is doing high level work, such as collected canter, pirouettes, piaffe, passage or tempi work, then the astride portion WILL be shorter. Keep in mind that that the longest Olympic level dressage test only lasts 7 minutes!  If you are doing high level riding it is very, very demanding to the horse.  Clients should plan on a total lesson duration, including tack up and saddle fitting, lesson goals, astride time, and dismount and de-brief of 1 to 11/2 hours per lesson. 

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